Lesley Brook
Group Leader

Lesley founded Nebula Girls Group in 2016, having worked as a lawyer until 2005 and then a Montessori teacher from 2006 to 2011.


She has since worked independently with children on the autism spectrum with academic support, practical life skills (including fine motor skills such as developing handwriting) and social and emotional wellbeing.  


It was whilst doing a degree in Special Education for children with autism that Lesley became increasingly aware of the challenges experienced by autistic girls and young women which subsequently led to the formation of Nebula Girls Group.


Lesley has over 15 years experience working with autistic children and has undertaken extensive training during that time in topics such as reducing anxiety, eating disorders, understanding behaviour and sensory challenges.  She has been a facilitator of both the NAS Early Bird+ programme and the FRIENDS programme (known now as Friends Resilience https://friendsresilience.org).