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The team

lauren southgate
media consultant & administrator

Lauren is one of our older girls and started working for the group in October 2020.  She is responsible for some of our media coverage, including our Newsletters, and jointly edited and produced a video of all our activities from Summer Camp last year.   Lauren, who is currently in her final year at College doing media studies, really enjoys making music videos and is also a very talented singer.

Lesley Brook
Group Leader

Lesley founded Nebula Girls Group in 2016, having worked as a lawyer until 2005 and then a Montessori teacher from 2006 to 2011.


She has since worked independently with children on the autism spectrum... Read more

Elena preston
youth worker

Elena works as a Teaching Assistant in a Special Needs School and has been with the group for two years now.  Elena seems to know what works with our girls and brings a sense of fun to our activities.  Occasionally she will also bring along one of her many animals to visit the girls at our sessions.

amy brook
volunteer youth worker & media

Amy (Lesley’s daughter and another of our older girls) has been an incredible role model to some of our younger girls.  She has contributed to lots of ideas within the group over the years and has been responsible for lots of our media design and videos.  She is interested in writing and illustration/art and is currently doing a degree at Lancaster University.  In her spare time, she enjoys working with the girls and helping out at group. 

Hannah Jickells

Hannah is our youngest volunteer and started helping out at group just over a year ago.  She is an absolute hit with our younger girls and has even been known to get them doing a bit of Yoga.


Photo taken by Dawn Kilner

Ella  Sanderson

Media support

BEc SEvers

Website Admin

Bec has recently set up our long-awaited and very needed website!  With her brilliant IT skills and an eye for graphic design, she will be highly valued within our team. 

Ella does Facebook and Whatsapp posts for Nebula alongside updating the website and creating posters and other media. She is 24 and has Asperger's. Ella is very creative- she writes and performs her own poetry, often on the theme of autism and loves to be an advocate for people who have autism/ are autistic. So she suits the role well. She also has her own website and Twitter (X) so she has lots of knowledge/ skills to bring to the role.


Ella is also a Christian and loves to live with and learn about her faith.


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